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A long-suffering, little-known, hometown, pre-Americana, redneck, short-haired, red-faced, irreverent, irresponsible, quirkily well-read, bombastic yet insightful, mouth-breathing, loud-laughing, dog-loving, nap-taking, no-workin', fish-catching, backroad-driving, liberal, Okie songwriter.

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Most Saturday Mornings
w/ The Round Barn Ramblers
@ Round Barn, Arcadia, OK


2010 / Old Piano
Joe Baxter

OLd Piano
She's Gone
Little Scars
Love Like a Prayer
Billy Todd
Old Friends
Sad Songs
For Bob
Oklahoma Nocturne
Nursing Home Romeo

2012 / soldier creek waltz
Joe Baxter & The Lost Cause

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Little Love Song
Holman Court
I Played brown-Eyed Girl For You
Thrift Store Cowgirl
Don't Take The Beer With You, Wanda
Mt. Nebo Blues
The Full Moon
Billy's Song
Pulling Weeds in the Garden of Love
Bless Your Heart
Home Down in the Pines
Soldier Creek Waltz

2013 / Okie Boy
Joe Baxter

Illustrated Man
Shady Valley Blues
The Garden
The Happy Song
Where's The Damn Bible?
Flowers and Gin
Swap Meet Love Affair
Little Love Song, Too
Trouble When I Got To Town
No Place Left To Go
Light at the end of the Tunnel
Oh, Baby
Your Coloring Book

2016 / Pick Rash
Joe Baxter

Bluebird of my Heart
OK, I Guess
Little Brown Dog
Angel's Waltz
God's Got An Office
Romeo's Girl
Silly Man
Drunk on Communion Wine
I Wish
Curley & Me
The Cardboard Plant

2018 / The Weather
Joe Baxter

Rain on the Wind
Face To Face
Cool Breeze in the Hills
Little Bitty Kiss
Rain on a July Night
All This Poor Ol' Boy's Got Left
$4 Gas
Warm Southern Breeze (Sun, Moon, Stars '05)
Standing in the Snow
The Train Song
Wit's End
City Boy

2020 / Arcadia
Joe Baxter

Many Long Years Ago
Little Love Song, three
Crocodile Tears
The Penny Song
Arcadia Waltz
My Sweetie pie
The End of Love
Wrote This Song for Rose
What's the Story, Morning Glory?
the Church is on Fire
Born Again Jesus
Better Pee Before You Go
Let It Go
I've Fallen and I can't Get Up

October 23rd, 2023 / Update

Guess what? Yep! Your ol' buddy Joe is getting up to speed on his online presence. With MUCH help from daughter Rachel and grandson Ian, I am determined to navigate this site like I know what I'm doing, as well as rafting the treacherous shoals of the streaming sevrices. Ian is going to finish uploading my available catalog, starting with my 2023 release, "Interesting TImes".
Thank you for looking me up, and thanks for supporting my art. jb

Photo taken for the "Home" magazine /// KUSH Radio Summer 2022

July 9th, 2022
What is Barn Music?

The Round Barn Ramblers (featuring Curt on Mandolin and Richard on fiddle) got some spotlight yesterday during an interview with Galen Culver on Newschannel 4 (KFOR - OKC). Joe answered the simple question "What is Barn Music?" for a long-time segment called Is This A Great State or What? Cool drone shots! Great music!The album Old Piano is set to debut on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Pandora, and iHeartRadio within the next week! I already know I'm going to have Oklahoma Nocturne on repeat.Woodyfest is coming up! Joe is looking forward to outfitting the concession stand into a cooling station for jamming out of the heat. That will be a much needed relief. Don't miss out on seeing Joe Baxter & The Lost Cause performing on July 14th at the Rocky Road Tavern out in Okemah. Don't forget your festival wristband!Y'all take care and drink lots of water!-RE

Joe Baxter, gives Galen Culver some insight on "barn music - a subgenre of Okie Noir"

July 5th, 2022
WE are streaming!

Joe has been hard at work at the Round Barn over the past 4th of July Weekend. He regularly volunteers his time to running the gift shop, hosting music, and giving awesome tours for the folks cruisin' down 66.Meanwhile, the rest of us have had Soldier Creek Waltz on repeat while driving around running all of those errands in the heat!That's right! Soldier Creek Waltz is now available for streaming on iTunes, Amazon, & Spotify! I am hard at work getting the rest of these albums uploaded. Looking forward to having the entire discography available! You can find more information on the Streaming and Merchandise tab.Please, Wanda. Please-- just don't take the beer.

Joe interacting with the crowd during Fred Hill's Elm Tree Concert at the Round Barn in Arcadia on July 3, 2022

June 30th, 2022

Joe Baxter will be streaming! Soldier Creek Waltz will be available soon on several services! The album will be available for purchase for only $9.99 on iTunes!You can click here to pre-save the Soldier Creek Waltz on Spotify. Share this link with your friends and family so they know where they can listen to one of Joe's best albums.Soldier Creek Waltz was recorded live by J.L. Haxton at Benson Sound in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on April 25, 2012. Joining The Lost Cause on this studio album is Rachel Wagnon (Banjo/Vocals), Marco Tello (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Nokosee Fields (Violin), Kurt Nielsen (Mandolin), John Williams (Harmonica), and Kevin McCaleb (Bass).June 26, 2022 was one of the finest days in the middle of summer that any of us can remember. Joe held his 65th birthday at the Round Barn in Arcadia off Route 66 with his friends and loved ones playing a fantastic show! For pictures and videos of the event, please visit our Facebook group.We are looking forward to releasing more albums within the next month! Stay tuned and take care!-R.E.

Joe & Jean Baxter celebrate at the Round Barn with music and delicious cake for Joe's 65th birthday
June 26, 2022

Now Booking for
Fall 2022 and spring 2023

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Relaxing at the Round Barn - Photo by Sarah Barker Huhn